Dalton Ridge Runners

We are hoping to open the Snack Shack and Warming Hut  this Saturday March 10th !  Stay tuned as we assess the snow totals and plan grooming.

Hope to see you there. Scotts Junction on Corridor 5. Go over the bridge until you see our snack shack and warming hut signs.

During Open hours, warm up and ENJOY hot food and good company.  Trail Maps and Hand Warmers will be available for purchase.  The Warming Hut and Snack Shack are located at Scott's Junction (Corridor 5) in Dalton, NH.  Hope to see you all there!

Our Warming Hut and Snack Shack are open on Saturday's from 10AM-3PM staring in January when the trails are open.  We always NEED volunteers.  See the Work Party Schedule and contact Wayne or Kathy St. Hilaire via email at w-ksthilaire@comcast.net to sign up.

GROOMING REPORT as of 3/8/18
With the upcoming SNOW this week, we are hoping to reopen the trails for the weekend.  Stay Tuned for more information.